Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tractor Show

Yeah, ok, so we live in central middle of nowhere Illinois. This is what they call weekend fun. The annual tractor show. In all fairness, it is a grand day out with tractors, steam engines, a train, log cutting, threshing, pioneer life displays, hay bales, tractor rides, horses, and, well, lots of farm stuff. And farmers. Kellan has decided that anybody wearing suspenders is automatically a farmer which caused quite a bit of confusion when he kept telling the Mennonite boys that they were farmers and they had no idea what he was talking about. Thankfully. We are both sweaty and dirty and exhausted, but we certainly did make a day of it. Here are a few photos. Not much compared to what we actually did, but with so many large engines and machines, I was trying to keep Kellan safe more often than capture the moment!

First Kellan decided that he would drive us there. By way of San Diego. Of course.

We found a spooky tractor display. Kellan tried to be a zombie.

This was Kellan's absolute favourite tractor. We have about 500 pictures of him with it. He even hugged it. I do worry for his future.

He thought that Grandpa would like this one. Not sure why. And not sure about the face.

The ever present "lemonade shake-up". You can't attend an event in central Illinois without having one of these. Or two. Or three. Kellan kept saying that he was thirsty, but wouldn't drink water because "my tummy is stirsty for lemomade".

Riding on the train.

Sitting in front of a wagon.

Playing on the straw bales. Not hay. Straw. We had a lecture from an old farmer when Kellan made the mistake of calling it hay. It is dried baled wheat. In case you care. Why do we call them hay bales then???

A couple of Kellan's other favourite tractors. This one also got a lot of hugs. He calls it the "lemomade tractor".

This was the "engine tractor".

We also attended the New Berlin homecoming parade earlier this morning with Dominic and Caden. Figured I'd stick in a few cute photos from that event too. We are all lemonade and candied out today!


Amanda said...

Scott and I got the hay or straw lecture once too!

Laura K. said...

"my tummy is stirsty for lemomade"

THAT was priceless!!!

Looks like so much fun and I know Sebastian would love a day like that!

Allannah  Kemble said...

It seems that Kellan really enjoyed the show. Well, the tractor doesn’t look old and spooky but the scarecrow in front of it was the one that’s creepy! Hahaha! I think my daughter won’t definitely go near the tractor if she sees that creepy man standing there. Haha!