Saturday, January 02, 2010

Holiday Bowl Parade

On Wednesday, we went downtown with Amanda, Steve, and Ant for the Holiday Bowl parade. It was a "cold" day in San Diego, only reaching the mid-60s. Thus, the people with hats, gloves, and occasionally even parkas. I am happy to say that every day since has been a sunny mid-70s. As it should be.

Kel and Uncle Steve.

Amanda with the trolley passing by.

It was pretty crowded down there!

Before the parade, there was the Holiday Bowl 5k in which Amanda was running. And, there she goes!

Some random shots of balloons and other parade passings. This parade went on for 2 hours. I stopped taking photos.

Some of the Padre girls. Pretty.

Its Jack!

These guys are from Arcola, IL! The Lawn Rangers. Crazy. And there was also a high school band from Bloomington.

That sign says it all.

Everybody walking back to the car after a fun morning.

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