Sunday, January 17, 2010

San Diego Maritime Museum

It was a beautiful day to catch the ferry across the bay and head over to the San Diego Maritime Museum. A little boy's paradise of tall ships, steam boats, submarines, and sloops.

Kel's favourite exhibit by far was this decommissioned Russian sub. In fact, he said that "the America submarine was boring. The Russia sub is much more fun". More bleak to be sure.

Before going into the Russian sub, you have to pass through this hole to make sure that you're going to be ok to fit. since there are quite a few of these as you travel through the sub.

Kel playing with the periscope. Spying on the aircraft carriers across the bay.

Pretending to be a figurehead. He couldn't get himself to balance properly, so he found someplace to lean.

In the museum there was a great project for kids where they were able to make their own miniature tall ship model.

Back on the ferry to head out.

It was a very sunny day!

Stars and Stripes out for a pleasure sail.

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