Friday, April 02, 2010

Cocos Island

When spending a couple of weeks in paradise, why not take a boat over to a tiny uninhabited tropical island in order to spend a day in a different paradise? You can't get too much paradise. Its a proven fact.

This is Cocos Island, taken from the boat. Once we arrived, I locked the camera away while we swam and snorkeled, so there are no photos from our actual time on the island. Apologies. But that's life in paradise. You have to make tough decisions.

Here we are departing Guam. Bye bye island. We're going to another island!

There's Guam. Beautiful, no?

At this point Amanda was very excited to be "off island". Its a big deal when you live in the middle of nowhere, apparently. Though if I lived in Guam, I'd have no desire to be anyplace else. That whole paradise thing again.

Some shots of me and Kel on the boat. Guam in the distance.

Time warp. We've finished a lovely day on the island, swimming and snorkeling to our heart's content. Here's Kel back on the boat, enjoying a drink as we prepare to depart Cocos Island and head back over to Guam.

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