Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Exploring gorgeous Guam

Today we took a loop drive around the southern half of the island, checking out sights, exploring little villages, sampling local fruits, and meeting some interesting folks.

Here's a shot of Kel doing a little dance (you'd dance for joy too if you were spending your spring break on Guam!) at one of the many scenic views along Guam's southern coast.

Snorkeling has piqued a new interest in coral. Kel was thrilled to find these steps which had been made from coral.

We met up with this local and his carabao. Carabao were originally brought here in the 1600's by Spanish settlers. They were brought here for transportation and farm labour. They have since become the signature animal of Guam.

He gave Kel some bananas to feed her.

And then he took Kel for a ride!

Kel getting a local history lesson while on the back of the carabao.

Teaching Kel how to make the island Hafa Adai sign.

Pretty darn cool experience.

Monkeying around with a bunch of bananas. After this, we got to go over and sample a bunch of local fruits.

This was an old Spanish fort. Guarding the coast against... we never quite figured that out. Who else was out there vying for Guam way back then?

Kel telling stories to Auntie.

This statue represented a local saint who was said to have come to the village out of the sea.

A collection of random scenery shots. Guam is extraordinarily beautiful.

Not sure why I took this one at an angle. Kel and Amanda outside of an old bell tower.

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