Friday, November 19, 2010

Our Little Pilgrim

I had the privilege of attending today's Thanksgiving play at Kellan's school, put on by his first grade class. What an adorable bunch of Pilgrims and Indians. How very un-PC, but I'm overlooking it. They worked so hard and were wonderful. The show was fun for everybody. And sometimes its nice to time travel on a Friday afternoon. Ah, the 1950s, when life was simple and it was ok to sing a song containing the refrain, "Dance, Indian man, dance!".

The whole adorable lot of them. The play took place in the music room.

Kellan and his good buddy, Dylan. A modest Indian who kept holding his vest closed.

Kel with another buddy, Hayden. He's apparently been toning his stomach muscles for the part and wasn't shy about the open vested look. Check out those abs!

Kellan and his wonderful first grade teacher, Mrs. Lyddon. She takes good care of our boy.

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