Thursday, November 04, 2010


I figured that I'd better get this Halloween post up before Thanksgiving! Its been a busy week. Kellan's basketball season has started, he's got piano and choir, the nightly homework seems to be growing exponentially, and they've got a Thanksgiving play coming up later this month which adds memorizing lines and songs to the evening workload. I'm exhausted!

We had a wonderful Halloween. Kellan dressed as Spongebob and tried to pull off looking cool at the same time. Didn't work out so well.

We attended the super fun Boo at the Zoo in Decatur again this year. Can you tell that Kellan wanted nothing to do with standing next to this mummy? Which he calls a "mommy".

I'm pretty sure that this was supposed to be Dora pumpkin-head-scarecrow-thingy. Note the purple sweater.

Kel said that this was Casper, though I doubt that Casper would appreciate a pink bow.

Kel pretending to be "a zombie" as he called it (ie Frankenstein).

Can you have an event in central Illinois that doesn't somehow incorporate corn? I think not!

Riding on the carousel. They play spooky Halloween music during Boo at the Zoo.

Can you spot the waving Spongeboy?

While we were in Decatur, we spent the afternoon at the always fun Children's Museum. This is Kel with his buddy, Mario the dalmation.

Knocking down the block tower!

Spongeboy found himself on a box of Mac & Cheese in the grocery store area!

Electrifying his face.

Look at those legs go!

In the funhouse mirror.

Hard at work in the "post office".

Also throwing in some photos of our pumpkins. Not bad, eh? We are pumpkin artists here at the Evans house!

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