Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Few snaps from SeaWorld and Legoland

We've had a people-packed start to our San Diego trip. This week between the two holidays, especially since both fell on a weekend, and considering the rain that's kept everybody indoors for the past couple of weeks, as well as the Holiday Bowl game that's in town on Thursday, has meant wall to wall people at the tourist hot spots. We had a great day at SeaWorld and then again at Legoland, but altered our usual activities around the crowds. Knowing that next week, we'll be able to do the parks again and have them entirely to ourselves.

Although the park was packed, people didn't seem to stumble upon the bat rays. It was quiet here and we were able to spend a long time feeding and petting their silky bodies. I love these guys.

SeaWorld is still dressed for Christmas this week.

Kellan refused to have his photo taken with the penguin and Shamu -- so mom and I did instead!

Didn't really get any photos at Legoland, but we had to snap a few by the tree. It was pretty all lit up at night. The sun was in exactly the wrong position when I took these (setting very brightly in the background), so apologies for the washed out effect.

Me (and my backpack) by the tree.

Kel in a rare still moment at one of the play areas. It was crowded, but we had a great day. And can't wait to get back next week to actually ride the rides!

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