Sunday, January 02, 2011

At the New Children's Museum

Before we headed to the trolley and a day at the Children's Museum with friends, we stopped by the beach for a stroll. It was cold. Really cold. Where is my San Diego weather this year?

And on to the New Children's Museum for a fun day with Holden and Ainsley.

Kel was helping to paint a big whale. His hands were somehow involved.

Holden and Kel working on their clay masterpieces. Kel's was a train track and signal. Go figure.

Mister Coordination attempts the climbing wall.

These were fun little chariots that the kids could control and ride around a track on the floor.

Kel and Holden master their chariots.

A very serious conference of architects, discussing how they will build their house within a house.

And then it fell down.

Blowing bubbles in the sunshine. Not warm sunshine, but sunshine nevertheless.

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