Thursday, August 25, 2011

Playing at Viejas

Finally getting around to some of the last photos from our San Diego trip. We had a few relaxing days with lots of beach time, pool time, and a return to Viejas for some shopping, minigolf, and water play. Here are a few photos of Kel playing in the water area at Viejas.

PS -- I don't know if its just my computer (or my eyes!), but Blogger's new photo format seems to be making the pictures look blurry in the main post. Click on any photo for a larger and not blurry version of the picture.

Standing on the outside, getting his bearings. Water and children. What to make of this?

Meditating kid absolutely cracks me up. Still not ready to dive in to play, but maybe if I hang out by this kid, I'll find some divine inspiration.

Ah ha! The fun begins!

This is the "I'm all done with people now" shot. Hiding in his towel, tired and ready to go home.

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