Saturday, August 20, 2011


Some snaps from this week's super fun (and super long) day at Legoland!

Kel posing with the Angry Bird that he won in a carnival game. Standing in front of his favourite "firetrucks and police cars" ride.

I know that its out of order (a night shot), but this one of Kel at the always fun Lego driving school was too cute to bury at the bottom of the post. Forgive me.

Hanging out and eating ice creams with Lego New York City behind us.

Kel made an awesome keepsake with his handprint painted into a fun work of art. This is the artist helping to prepare his hand and then stamping the paper. I'll get a photo of the handprint art when I have a chance and post it.

Kel's favourite time at Legoland (or just about anywhere) is when the lights go out. He loves what he calls "Night Shift" at all of the parks. So, here we are, hanging out until they closed the gates.

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