Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dyspraxia Illinois at Lincoln Park Zoo

On our recent trip to Chicago, we were blessed to spend a day at Lincoln Park Zoo with the Dyspraxia Illinois crowd. The first few shots are our attempt to get a decent shot of the whole group. Try, try again!

Kel with his good buddies, Lauren and Emma, enjoying snow cones on a hot summer day in Chicago.

Sitting for a break with his good buddy, mentor, and superhero, Warren Fried, founder of Dyspraxia USA.

Lauren and Emma having a little tug-of-war over the Kel.

The kids checking out the map and planning our route through the zoo.

Kel and Aiden, trying to find the polar bears on Aiden's map.

Everybody riding the zoo train.

Finding a shady spot to enjoy some animal viewing.

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