Friday, June 14, 2013

Meramec Caverns and Six Flags mini-break

To celebrate the end of the school year (and the fact that we had to kill a couple of days before summer camp started), I took the boys down to Meramec Caverns and Six Flags St. Louis. Not including the severe weather and super scary storms, we had a fun and fabulous couple of days out.

The boys entertaining themselves in a funhouse mirror.

After lunch and a boat ride (which I somehow did not photograph?!), we stopped for ice creams. It was absolutely exquisite. And messy!

The highlight of the caverns day was, without a doubt, their "mining" experience. They got to sift through bags of dirt to find beautiful gems which they were able to keep and bring home. They must have spent 45 minutes here, carefully sifting each bit of soil. Now if only I could recreate this at home somehow. Think of the free time!

It was a scorching hot afternoon, so after our cave trek, lunch, a boat trip down the river, ice cream cones, and the mining experience, the boys went for a little wade in the Meramec.

Because it isn't possible to bring a camera into Six Flags (they don't let you carry anything onto the rides), these are just a few phone shots that I took that day. We had a blast.

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