Monday, April 14, 2014

Earning my "A"

Here are a few photos from my A license weekend. Hanging with my sky family in Taylorville, IL. There is a little bit of video here as well, featuring part of my check dive and my awesome licensed landing!

With Larry, congratulating me on passing the license test.

Me (with my lovely skydiving hair) and Mark, shortly after everybody sang my induction song (not for children's ears!) and I got my forehead stamped.

With Brian and Larry, two guys who were endlessly patient, imparted hours and hours of knowledge, and always encouraged me on my way to the license. Brian also took me on my very first tandem skydive, the jump that started it all.

The happiest person at the drop zone, always! The wonderful Jerry, our jump pilot. Love him to bits.

Checking over all of my license paperwork with Brian and Larry. Making sure that everything is ready to submit to the USPA.

Heading up on my first dive as a licensed skydiver! Boy did this feel good.

Just a random shot from another jump that weekend. Mark and I looking out into the wild blue yonder, waiting for somebody to shout, "DOOR!" and our turn to fly.

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