Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kellan's birthday trip to St. Louis (February 2014)

Some snaps from Kellan's birthday trip to St. Louis with Logan, Eli, and Antoine. There was a blizzard on this lovely day and it took us 4 hours to drive to St Louis, but we made it! Here are the boys at our first stop, a much needed lunch. Those were some looooong hours in my little car.

Then off for some fun at the Magic House. The boys were in constant motion, so I didn't take many photos. Here's what I've got.

After the Magic House, we headed for a full 3 hours of jumping at Skyzone. Sometimes, fun can be dangerous. Poor Eli and the black eye. Trampoline dodgeball is not for the faint of heart.

My handsome crew at the end of a fun day. We went over to the Spaghetti Factory for Kel's b'day dinner, but I didn't get any photos there. Everybody was far too exhausted to pose! We had a super time celebrating our brand new 10 year old.

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