Monday, January 10, 2005

Illinois Boy in his new John Deere Hat (we couldn't resist!) Posted by Hello


betty said...

Cute outfit you've got him in! Children always look adorable in overalls!

Nicola said...

Thanks Betty. My mom actually buys all of his clothes. We are very lucky. He's her only grandchild and she loves shopping for baby gear, so we're totally spoiled. She buys him the cutest things. My biggest problem is actually stopping her from buying too much! She'll go overboard and send 16 outfits in one size, which he goes through in about 3 months at the moment. And of course my sister buys him clothes as well. I hate for him not to get good wear out of such cute things. It will be good when he's a bit bigger and wears a size for longer periods.

Then again, he's only 10 months old and most of what he wears now (including the overalls seen above) is size 2T. So he's not slowing down yet!