Thursday, January 20, 2005

Parents as Teachers

Parents as Teachers is an amazing programme that we've been involved in since we moved to Illinois when Kellan was 5 months old. They have drop in playgroups every week with all sorts of developmental toys, books, and activities. You can check out materials and take them home for the week. Its a great place for the children to interact and play with all manner of wonderful toys. They also, for a ridiculously small fee ($50/year!), make home visits, developmental assessments, where a specialist comes to the home once each month. They provide ideas and activities for the parents, as well as monitoring the child's development from birth through kindergarten. This is an incredible programme that helps us to be active parents, to provide Kellan with the experiences that will best allow him to develop his motor, intellectual, social, and language skills. When I have the resources one day to "give back" to the community, this group will be on the top of my donation list. I've seen them in action and know where their resources go. They're a very worthy organisation.

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