Wednesday, February 16, 2005


After a few too many days of high fever and nasty coughing (following last weekend's cold), we were off to the doctor this morning just to check that there wasn't more to it. Well, turns out that Kellan has Bronchiolitis caused by Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). He's a very sick little boy. We brought home a pile of [expensive!] medications and a nebulizer to be used for the next two weeks. My poor little man.

I worry about where he got it, and how I can prevent him getting it again in future, and the main conclusion that I've drawn is that he simply must stop chewing on the bar of every shopping cart in which he rides! I mean, honestly, he's not often around sick kids and he rarely shares toys that other kids have had in their mouths. But that shopping cart thing is epidemic, he cannot keep his little mouth off. Who knows how many other unsuspecting children in Springfield will be joining the RSV ranks now that they've ridden in a shopping cart recently vacated by my own little Typhoid Mary.

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