Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Somewhere in between...

Is he a baby? Is he a toddler? Is he an infant? Is he a big boy? I feel like this age, nearly one, and probably the next couple of months, is a very "in between" time. He's not walking, but he's almost there and can pull up onto any stable (or not so stable -- ouch!) piece of furniture. He's big, wears size 2T clothes. He's fun to be with, he's perceptive, and he has a very strong will. Yet he's still very much a baby. He can't talk. He can't use a spoon. When he nurses, I look down and he's my little baby, mouth open, gulping milk, no different to when he was one month old, never mind one year old! He's too big for our Wednesday baby group (though we'll still go for a few more weeks), yet too small to really interact and enjoy toddler oriented play groups.

I suppose that there are many stages of life like this. Times when we're on the verge of a big change. We've outgrown the previous stage, but not quite entered into the next. Kellan is very much there at the moment. Standing on the verge of Toddlerhood, just waiting until he's big enough to take that next step -- that first step!

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