Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Aaaahhhhh, summer....

Its been a busy couple of weeks. Lots going on at work and home. We had a fantastic holiday weekend. The weather was nice and we spent lots of time outside cycling, playing at the park, running in the sprinkler, going to the zoo, digging in the sand box, and even managed a bit of gardening while Kellan played with his sidewalk chalk. We went to a fun BBQ for the 4th where the main course was grilled portobello mushrooms. And the vegetarians (us!) breathed a sigh of relief.

We have had wonderfully mild weather this weekend and into the week. A well deserved break after two weeks of humid horrible 90+ degree weather. Its all you can do to get Kellan inside for bath and bed these evenings. And I don't blame him. There is nothing worse than being trapped indoors in the middle of summer. We suffer 5 long months of cold weather over the winter and early spring. When summer comes, we deserve some time outside! Kellan is loving every minute, as am I.






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