Friday, July 08, 2005

I want "That"!

Kellan does not call me "Mom". Or "Mommy". Or even "Momma". Kellan calls me "That". When he wants me, he points at me or puts his arms up, and, just as when he asks for a drink or a book or a particular toy, he says, "I want That!". If Nic is holding him, he'll lean over to me and say, "That!". Nic has been "Diddy" for a long time, and now he has been upgraded to a proper "Daddy". When he walks into the room, Kellan shouts, "Daddy!". Each morning when Kellan wakes up and crawls over me to greet his father, he touches his face and says, "Daddy". Very sweet, yes, but what happened to me?

Here's the thing though. Kellan knows how to say "Momma", he used to say it when I asked him to. Not in reference to me mind, but if I asked him to "say mommy" he'd always reply, "Momma!". Until he figured out that I wanted to be called "Momma". Now, if I ask him to "say mommy", he'll smile, look straight at me and shout, "Daddy!". He thinks its hilarious. Other people ask him to "say mommy" and its always the same response. "Daddy!"

If I point at Nic and say, "Who's that?", the answer is a quick and happy, "Daddy!". If I point at myself and ask, "Who am I?", Kellan mimics me, laughing and pointing at himself. If I ask again, he'll simply whine at me.

Mind games already? He's only 16 months old! This kid is going to be trouble.

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