Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Our New Favourite Item

I absolutely must recommend this fantastic Regalo chair to any and all toddlers and their parents. We were completely fed up with Kellan's high chair commandeering most of our kitchen and Kellan was ready to eat at the table like a big boy. We have a plastic booster seat that we use for eating out (the typical strap onto a chair type), but it seems dreadfully uncomfortable and of course occupies one of our four kitchen chairs which is not terribly convenient. So we purchased one of these wonderful Regalo chairs and are incredibly happy with the result. Kellan sits at the table in a comfortable and safe chair which is stylish, compact, convenient, and very easy to use. He has even been eating his meals with a bit more gusto and independence. I can't imagine why we didn't do this earlier.

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betty said...

That looks like a great item to own. I could have used something like that when Ben was a toddler, but we were using the same seat that we had when Devin was a toddler so that we could save money. It was the kind that you strap onto a regular chair. It definitely didn't look very comfortable, and Ben was too rambunctious to sit still in it for very long anyway. More often than not, he would eat on a very short stool on the kitchen floor.