Monday, October 31, 2005

A soggy trick-or-treat

It has been raining all day and promises to continue well past bedtime this evening, so we're going to have to resign ourselves to a soggy trick-or-treat. We have a large umbrella and plenty of Halloween spirit. We may not hit as many houses as planned, but Kellan will still get his trick-or-treat experience.

This child loves to trick-or-treat. It is all very new to him this year, but the idea of meeting lots of friendly people who give you free candy simply for saying "Tic-tee!" is simply fabulous. You should see those little legs go! Last night we were at a friend's home in a community that did Sunday trick-or-treat (I really don't know why, but it was good practise), and Kellan was unstoppable. The other kids had long since headed back to the house and he was still running up the sidewalk, turning in at each driveway, while I tried to keep up.

Two incidents of note: Beware the person who is handing out Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (Kellan's favourite). A woman apparently didn't give him enough in his bucket last night and he rushed her, lunging into the candy bowl with his big Elmo hands. She honestly didn't know what to do. At another house, Kellan decided that he was going to come in for a visit. He simply ran past the woman at the door and took off into the house. I caught up with him in their kitchen, where a very startled man was staring in bemused confusion.

Yes, tonight promises to be a fun one, umbrella and all.


Jamie said...

ROFL!! That is too funny, I can imagine a little elmo running into someone's house!! Too cute.

I also wanted to comment on the comment you made on blogging baby about the "target robeez" the brand is ministar, they don't sell them online but if you go in target, in the baby section they are on the aisles near socks, onsies and stuff like that..not in the shoe dept of target. (if that helps any) ;)

Nicola said...

Thanks Jamie, I appreciate that. They don't seem to have them at my Target here, but we'll be back in California next month and I'll have a look there.