Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Train Trip

We had a lovely weekend. Lots of cycling, family time, and fun activities. The culmination of which was our Fun Shop train trip on Saturday afternoon. This was so much fun. The regular St Louis to Chicago train picked us up, but we had our own car. The conductor spent time with the children and punched souvenir tickets for them. And the kids had a fantastic trip on the train as far as Lincoln, IL, where Nic met us, we went for a malt, then drove home to Springfield. A delightful adventure.

[side note: a "stranger" took the photo of Kellan and I together, thus the bewildered expression on his face]


betty said...

Thanks for the "side note". I did wonder why he had that puzzled frown on his face because he usually has such a wonderful smile on his face. I've always wondered how you always managed to get him to smile so naturally in all of the pictures!

irene said...

so cute pictures!