Tuesday, December 19, 2006

San Diego (where else?)

We have returned from another wonderful break at home in San Diego. There is no point stating the obvious and going on about what a fantastic time we had. Below are some excerpts from a few fabulous weeks spent together in San Diego and the Ridgecrest area. We also attended my sister's wedding in Vegas. I'll get the Vegas photos posted in the near future (I'm doing my best here!).

I'm kind of impressed with this shot. Fancy, no?

We went to the beach. A lot.

We went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park, one of the San Diego Zoo complexes, where Kellan got to feed lorikeets,

play with deer,

"I'll get you out of here!"

ride the train,

ride the carousel,

and lots of other fun stuff.

Kellan loves to "push a buddun!". This one made the model train run.

There were lots of wonderful evenings spent at the park.

Uncle Patrick (Nic's brother) gave him a new tool set for Christmas.

Disneyland was obviously on the agenda.

He loved the teacups.

Its the bell ringing genes...

Dumbo was his absolute favourite, though difficult to photograph.

Exhaustion couldn't stop the fun, but look at that face. He was wiped out!

We also went to see my sister, Amanda, at her home in Ridgecrest. The nearby mountains and rivers are beautiful.

Another day brought us to the Trona Pinnacles, an incredible landform out in the desert near Trona. They apparently filmed a lot of "Planet of the Apes" out here.

We did some offroading in Death Valley and had a fun picnic lunch.

Kellan's first milkshake!

Yeah, well, it can't all be excitement.

We visited Laws Railroad Museum up in Bishop where Kellan got to "drive" the big narrow gauge steam engine.

As always, we'll be home again soon (though never soon enough!).

Merry Christmas everybody!

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The Baimas said...

Olivia LOVES the snow/sand man at the end. She says it is "like a sand castle". Great pics!

Kate & Olivia