Monday, July 09, 2007

Heir to the Evans Throne

He is the only grandson. The only grandchild on either side. I see history in those features. I see my cousin, my grandfather, and a young Nic. I see a bit of my mom, a bit of Nic's dad. Some children heavily favour one parent or the other, a carbon copy, but not this one. He isn't me and he isn't Nic. He is Welsh and he is English and he is American. He is the hopes and dreams of a family on both sides of the Atlantic. Three years old and the journey has just begun. The future and the past come together in one boy.

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Sebastian's Mommy said...

Wow.. no pressure to amount to something eh, kid? :-P He's so cute!

Sebastian is also the only grandchild here in Holland. My mom and dad have 5 others but they are in another country.