Monday, July 02, 2007

We did it!

I watch too much Dora. But, seriously, lo hicimos! Guess who is officially potty trained? Day and night. We moved into underwear last Sunday. He had a total of four accidents (two during one park trip!) as he adjusted to letting us know when he needs go while out and about. All very minor and quickly caught. The last accident was on Wednesday, today is Monday. He is also 100% dry all night every night. So, I'm calling it a done deal. Thank goodness. All ready for our next San Diego trip in three weeks time. We told him that he had to wear underwear if he wanted to go to San Diego and that provided the necessary incentive. His body was long since ready -- we just had to provide some motivation for the mind!

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Sebastian's Mommy said...

congrats Kellan!!! I wish we could say the same but Sebastian still needs a diaper at night. He often wakes up dry but if we don't put a diaper, he pees the bed!

I'm tired of cleaning it up so diapers it is LOL