Friday, July 27, 2007

Night Zoo

We spent this evening enjoying Night Zoo and it was a real treat. The animals are so much more active at night, especially in the summertime, and the tourists thin out in the late afternoon, making an evening visit a pleasant and more "local" experience. We stayed for about five hours and had a fantastic time. Dinner was delicious, the animals were happy to interact, the day was cool, the zoo was empty of tourists, and there wasn't even a line for the sky ride. The last was most important to Kel. I'm pretty sure that he only goes to the zoo in hopes of multiple sky ride crossings. Nearly 10pm and I just got Kel to bed. Oh well. Summer vacation, right?

Here are a few photos of Kel playing near the hippo exhibit.

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The Baimas said...

We love looking at the pics of Kellan. He looks so tall! And much older. The night zoo sounds great.

Joe, Kate, Olivia, and Ethan