Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Morning Merriment

Here are a few random Christmas morning shots. Nothing of any real substance. Just a typical lazy Christmas morning opening presents and enjoying life as parents of a three year old.

Kel is definitely a believer in Santa. My favourite bit was his serious recounting of how he heard Santa's sleigh bells in the night while he was sleeping. And of course the look on his face when he arrived to see that Santa had left him a new kitchen, fridge (from Grandma), and Cars tent (from Auntie) in the sitting room. I wish that I could have captured the light in his eyes. Its a shame that we have to outgrow the ability to believe in magic.

Digging for treasures in his stocking. He got lots more of the Disney Cars vehicles, as well as a few airplanes and extra bits.

His "big present" was the new kitchen and fridge, fully stocked with dishes, food, and all of the necessary supplies. He played with this for nearly three hours before he even took any interest in the gifts beneath the tree.

Auntie sent the new Cars tent. Perfect for racing his huge collection of vehicles. Tunnels and everything! I think that Nic may have enjoyed this one as much as Kellan.

Too much eggnog?!

Another happy boy on Christmas morning. I love looking at Kel and imagining Nic doing the same when he was three. My boys...

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