Monday, December 10, 2007

There was ice and snow and freezing rain in the cold dark place that they called home

Winter. In the Midwest. You know my feelings on this subject. I can't even take a nice photograph of it. Bad photo, bad setting. That's all I'm saying!

To brighten things up a bit and get into the holiday spirit, Kel and I made a gingerbread house yesterday. This was fun. He did almost all of the decorations himself. I applied the icing and he chose the candy placement.

We took these photos after we got home from swimming. I have no makeup and unbrushed hair, but I'll post them anyway. Try not to remember me by these!

We also decorated the Christmas tree.

I realise that this isn't a spectacular photo. Don't know that we'd even finished the tree yet. Kellan probably ran out of the frame just as I snapped the shot. But, I had to post a photo of the tree so that you could all delight in our new and lovely tree topper. Yes, that is "the fancy star" as Kel calls it. The tacky bright gaudy star to outdo all tack bright and gaudy stars. We used to have a classic old fashioned Father Christmas tree topper, but Kellan has immersed himself in the story of Christmas lately (he has become our very own Baby Jesus spotter as we drive around town past people's ever so tasteful lawn ornament manger scenes) and received a book that told about why we place a star on top of the tree. When I got out that old Santa, it was a definite no go. We had to have a star. And, good for him, he's more in the spirit of things than most kids. He is excited about getting some gifts from Santa, though seems equally excited about celebrating the birth of Jesus and even questioned yesterday how the two were related. Somebody is doing something right! Oh, and that was kind a long and difficult explanation that went way over his head, but we tried! Anyway, this is the star, "the fancy star" that Kellan selected for our tree topper. In honour of Baby Jesus. I really am trying to keep a straight face. My little Christian.

And here are a few from Wednesday that I didn't get around to putting up yet. Hard to believe that we were here at Balboa Park only a few days ago. What a difference a flight can make! The first one is of Kellan's favourite tower. Not sure why he loves The California Tower so very much, but he always has. He also got to see "The Grinch" at the Old Globe right underneath, at which point the tower climbed even higher in his legend.

At the science center. Ah, memories...

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dykewife said...

it's all in where one was raised. i've lived all my life in the middle of the prairie provinces in canada. winters to me mean toboggans, snow forts, snowball fights snow angels, street hockey and hot chocolate when coming inside. it means being able to skate outside and remembering not to lick metal.

christmas without snow would be totally foreign to me.

i love your blog. i wish that these had existed when boy was an infant. it'd be a nice way to keep memories.