Monday, July 14, 2008

Beautiful day for a walk about at the lake

Isn't he beautiful? Must find a way to get this one into his senior yearbook...

Kellan likes to do impressions. Facial impressions. He wanted me to take photos of him "being" certain members of the family. These first two are supposed to be me. I apparently spend a lot of time with a half smile and a wistful look in my eye.

These two are Grandpa. What do you think, Mom? I think the first one is pretty dead on!

And this, his pièce de résistance -- Daddy! Yep, this is Nic. I can see it.

This one is just Kellan.

Sitting on our favourite bench at Lincoln Memorial Garden. We've had many a happy snack here.

Back at the nature center. Kellan is looking at various objects (feather, snake skin, rocks, leaves) under the microscope and magnifiers.

A few (not very good) shots of us goofing around.


The Baimas said...

Good impressions. Maybe there is a future there? I think that the ones of him with the flower behind his ear should go into his yearbook! :)


Dillman Family said...

I love the first one of the two of you!