Saturday, October 18, 2008

Abe's Corn Maze

We spent a super fun afternoon at Abe's Corn Maze. The maze was incredible. And challenging! But so much fun. I highly recommend this to all of our Springfield friends. There were also hay rides, sports games, and other fun stuff for the kids. And, much to Kellan's delight, the chance to have his photo taken with "Mr. Lincoln". Kel saw this man across the parking lot and started shouting, "Mr. Lincoln! Mommy, its Mr. Lincoln!!!". So he came over to let Kel have a photo taken. Very cute.

Here is Kel squinting at the entrance to the maze.

He was really surprised to find corn. In a corn maze!

We're about 45 minutes in now and he's tired, thirsty, and weilding corn stalks against any potential attackers from "wrong paths". We followed the map. We didn't get lost!

Success! The exit. It was super.

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