Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween at the Carillon

I am pleased to introduce Sir Kellan Evans of Archer Avenue. Our Halloween Knight!

Another year and another great evening at the Jack O' Lantern Spectacular. You can't quite see the "2", but this is the 2008 display at the entrance to the event. 2008 gorgeous jack o' lanterns and spooky carillon music to set the mood. This is an amazing event.

Kellan, Caden, and Olivia had so much fun exploring the pumpkins. Mom didn't have so much fun trying to get a decent photo of the goofy trio!

Our pensive knight sitting by the fire and enjoying the carillon concert to end out a perfect evening (I'm not even going to mention the bus ride over, we'll just forget about that part...).


Dillman Family said...

I am surprised that we didnt bump into you guys but then again it is very dark. Always an amazing event!

The Baimas said...

His costume looks amazing. I could not see all of the details last night (hmmm, maybe the lack of a sun is the reason!), but wow. Great costume. As usual, we had fun with all of you!

Jenn said...

Great costume! Did you make it?