Sunday, November 02, 2008

Can this really be November???

The leaves say "yes", but the weather says otherwise. We have been blessed with the most gorgeous fall weekend that I can ever remember and we took full advantage today when we headed out to Lincoln Memorial Gardens for a hike, a picnic, and of course, lots of photos!

One of the many tripod-aided Mommy and Kel series. This was fun and we got some super shots.

There was debate about this one, but I had to post it. Kel's first experience with saw grass. We were all there once. And no worries, I wasn't snapping photos, just the one before I rushed over to assist.

Smiles were quick to come once we'd cleaned up the cut finger.

I kind of love this shot. The light. The candid quality. My boy.


We ended our perfect afternoon at the zoo.


The Baimas said...

Wonderful pics. Seeing Kellan crying over the grass brought back painful memories for me as well. It is surprising how much it hurts!

Jenn said...

Wonderful pics, great memories for the both of you as well, I am sure. I especially like the candid one you commented on as well. What is saw grass?