Sunday, November 23, 2008

Festival of Trees

Its that time of year already. Unbelievable. Kellan is already into full Christmas mode (a week before Thanksgiving!) and we made the most of it this weekend by venturing over to the Festival of Trees.

Our first visit of the year with Santa. And because Christmas makes me a bit sentimental, I've included one from Kellan's very first ever visit with Santa -- the very same Santa!

We were so excited to run into Olivia at the festival! Everything in life is more fun with friends.

They made candy cane Christmas tree ornaments. Kel put his on the tree when we got home. And, yes, we do already have the tree up (as of this weekend) because we'll be out of town for Thanksgiving and busy busy busy every other weekend in December, so it was now or never!

So many trees. So very exciting. Apparently.

The gingerbread houses are absolutely spectacular. You can see a few behind the kids here. Some of them are beyond your wildest imagination. And this year they had even done the hospital in gingerbread! Kel said that this was his very favourite. Which makes sense since he's in training to become a doctor (oh yes he is!). After he wins a few swimming medals in the Olympics of course. Aim high, right?

The train is always the biggest hit for Kel. Surprised? He rode it five times this year.

Another sentimental comparison. This was from Kel's second visit to the Festival of Trees, when he was one. Riding the train with Mommy.

He rides the train on his own now! What a big guy. Never ceases to amaze me...

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