Monday, August 02, 2010

Inflatable World

Already a week into our vacation and I hadn't posted any photos yet! Figured that I have about as many photos of Kellan riding on Elmo's Flying Fish or of Shamu leaping out of the tank at Seaworld as anybody could ever possibly need. On our third day in town, we went to Inflatable World for the afternoon, riding the San Diego Trolley there and back. In other words, heaven for a 6 year old boy! And a day which he has already requested to repeat before we return home.

We spent over four hours at the inflatables park, but I only snapped a few photos early on, then let him have the run of the place. That happy face says it all.

Totally unrelated, but here are a couple of cloud photos that I took from the airplane window, shortly after departing from St Louis. It was a stormy day and there were some interesting formations.

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