Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Zoo and Seaworld trips

Because I was on crutches for these two outings, I only took photos during times that I was sitting down and had easy access to the camera. So, here's what we have to remember two fabulous days by. This, and all of the happy memories that we made together.

Lots of Skyfari photos obviously. Awesome thing about being on crutches is that they let you ride round trip without having to get back in line! Woo hoo!

And one shot riding on the bus. We did this lots too.

Kel on the beloved Balboa Park railroad.

Seaworld! Almost no photos, but we had so much fun on this day. Stayed to watch the fireworks at closing time. Hobbled to all parts of the park. Exhausting, but nobody can accuse me of sacrificing vacation fun to a random injury.

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