Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Abe's Corn Maze

It was another perfect fall weekend here in the Midwest, so what better activity than to check out the local corn maze? You take what you can get. And here, you can definitely get corn.

We stole Maddox away from his family for the day. Here are the two goofy pals attempting to navigate the maze, while stocking up on dried out corn cobs. You never know when you might get lost and need a snack, right?

No idea what Maddox is doing here, but it was a funny pose.

Another important activity involved stripping corn cobs of their kernels. Right into Maddox's hat. They filled this hat to the brim and then actually thought that I was going to let them bring it in the car. Ha! Because I want to spend the next six years picking corn kernels out of my back seat? Nope. They decided to feed it to the birds instead.

They made it out!

And then it was time for the tractor-pulled hay ride.

We also met up with buddies Antoine and Royce at the maze. We had intended to conquer the maze together, but wires were crossed (my wires!) and we met up at the end instead. Might actually have been easier to keep two boys on track than four. We all made it out safely, anyway, and joined forces for a great afternoon playing in the hay. And, yes, the porta potty backdrop did not go unnoticed by me, but getting the four of them to stand together in one place and actually look at the camera was enough. Forget trying to change their pose for a better backdrop!

Ten years from now, watch out. These four will be teenagers -- two of them already driving!


radmegan said...

Ahhh! Corn Maze! I love a corn maze, and LOVE that you are blogging too! How was I not following you before now? :) Great post!!

Nicola said...

Aw, thanks Megan. I used to post A LOT when Kel was smaller, but its only a couple of times a month now. Unless we're doing something super awesome. Its not a great blog like yours, just a little family album. A place for me to organize our memories :-)