Saturday, June 02, 2012

Chessington World of Adventures

Some photos from our super fun day out at Chessington World of Adventures.

Bumper cars were a big hit. I finally had to sit off or risk having permanent joint damage! He went on these probably ten times.

Look at that grandpa's face. He was ruthless! Out there smashing into everybody. Definitely reliving his youth.

The day's other big favourite was the flume ride. Again, after going on it numerous times, I decided to sit out.

Me and Kel on the ferris wheel.

Kel took these photos of me on the crazy upside down fling you around ride. I believe that it was actually called "Ramses Revenge" or some such thing.

At certain points in the ride, it held you face forward over a pond and water shot up to drench you. Right in the face!

A very wet me after the ride.

Kel's final favourite ride that he went on far more times than any sane person would was the swings. These ones shoot water up while you're swinging and soak you as you fly through the jets of water during the ride.

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