Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Eye, a boat trip, and general London fun

Some photos from another grand day out in London. Is there any other kind? We rode the Eye and took a speedboat journey on the river, followed by a play at the Princess Diana Memorial Playground in Kensington Gardens.

Very excited about his upcoming adventure on The Eye! I'm sorry, that should be the "EDF Energy Eye" as it is now called. Sponsorship everywhere.

Yes, so there are photos of The Eye from every angle. Sorry. Its just there. Right in front of you. All. The. Time.

Some shots from up in The Eye. Day was hazy and light was bad, so they are what they are. Memories mostly.

Kel took these "lovely" portraits of me in The Eye.

Looking down. Waaaaaaay down.

Our favourite train station in the whole wide world. Waterloo! "The train terminates here. Please remember to take all of your belongings. Thank you for traveling with Southwest Train Services".

I know that its totally washed out. Blame the day, not me! But I like that you can see Battersea Power Station in the background.

London bus traffic jam!

Cleopatra's Needle, the largest clock face in London (bigger than Big Ben!), and the most expensive hotel in London, the Savoy.

Here are some shots from the river, while on the speedboat. The Old Globe.

Preparations for the Jubilee flotilla. Which my strep throat ruined.

Kel getting ready for the boat trip. He didn't want to pose.

These are from later in the day. At the Princess Diana Memorial Playground. He met some great new friends and spent three whole hours here! Well past my dinnertime. But it was worth it to enjoy that smile and those giggles. New friendships trump food any day.

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