Saturday, June 02, 2012

The New Bus

Yesterday we trekked out in search of the amazing New London Bus! Kel has been dying to ride this thing since he first saw the prototype in the Transport Museum years ago. They ended up only making three of them and they run on the 38 route. So we went to Victoria Station, the start of the 38, and waited 45 minutes for one of these guys to finally show up (there were loads of 38 buses, but not the right bus!). We rode it to the very end of its route in Hackney, coincidentally the place that Nic was born and where the in laws first lived in London for a few years when Godfrey was starting out in the ministry. We saw the house where Nic was born and the first church where Godfrey worked.

A couple of shots from the bus. Everything is decorated for the Jubilee this weekend.

Kel and his grandparents (separately -- he was being uncooperative) standing outside of the old house in Hackney. Number 8.

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