Tuesday, December 14, 2004


I know its lazy, but being a busy week, I don't have much time to post. So thought I'd direct you to another wonderful blog that I enjoy reading. Lots of moms with lots of stories. Check out DotMoms.

The sleep thing was an issue again this weekend. I don't know that we got more than an hour on Sunday night. My poor husband fell asleep on the couch after breakfast and decided to take Kellan for his nap shortly after I left for work. They both slept all morning (lucky things!). But then, just when we were losing our minds again, Kellan slept like a dream last night, woke two times to nurse, no crying or fussing, and didn't get up until nearly 8am. There are three teeth just about to pop through his top gum at the moment and a molar that's been working its way in for months, so I'm still going on the assumption that its just general teething woes.

Only a few more days at work and we're off for a lovely long Christmas break in San Diego, CA. Kellan's first Christmas. My family are so excited to have us. Mom's got big plans for their mornings. She wants to feed Kellan his breakfast, then take him out for a walk each day, allowing me to get some extra sleep, have a relaxing shower (or bath in their new whirpool tub -- luxury!), and enjoy a bit of time alone with Nic. That is probably the best Christmas present I'll get this year. A little bit of free time while knowing that Kellan is with somebody who loves more than all the world and that he's having a great time. Come on Friday, I'm ready to go home, now!

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