Friday, December 10, 2004


Yes, sleep, I love sleep, I have had sleep, two whole nights of sleep. Kellan slept all night Wednesday (coincidentally the same day that I posted the teething diatribe) and woke only once to nurse last night. I am refreshed! Its a lucky thing too, as he was soon to have one less parent in the home. My husband wasn't happy with the number of times he'd lost his head to my tired and vicious tongue over the past couple of weeks (and rightly so). I've vowed to keep my fatigue-related bad moods in check in future, but for now am relishing the long peaceful nights of sleep.

I think that the teeth are feeling better, but possibly as important is the fact that we finally put into place a proper bedtime routine just over a week ago. We were letting Kellan nurse to sleep on the couch and basically choose his own bedtime, but he was so tired and nightly meltdowns had become a way of life. We now go to bed around 7:45pm (earlier if he's fussy), read a story, then nurse to sleep. Its worked a treat and he's had nice long nights of sleep, even when there's lots of teething trouble during the course.

Of course, one week from today and we're off to the west coast for Christmas. Time difference, new room, new bed, new sounds (my dad is not quiet, nor are my parent's three dogs). So we may be suffering again over the holidays. We'll see how it goes. I'll try to keep the routine in place, pushing things back a bit to accommodate the time difference, and I can stay with Kellan at bedtime, as he might not go to sleep in the strange setting without one of us there. I'd rather that he got the sleep and spared us the 4-5 inconsolable night wakings. Wish us luck!


betty said...

Sleep is wonderful isn't it! I never realized how much I took it for granted until after I had my kids!

With both kids, we nursed them to sleep too. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I worked f/t outside the home. We needed to do whatever was necessary to get them quickly to sleep so that I could get enough sleep to be able to function while at work. I'm always sometimes curious how I would have handled the sleep routine situation if I was a stay-at-home. Would I do it differently, and if so, how?

Have a great time visiting your family. BTW, we live on the west coast too.

Nicola said...

Yes, we're off on Friday, I'm really looking forward to it. I'm a San Diego native (well, ok, I was born in the Bay Area, but moved to SD when I was 4 and lived there until I was 21) and my family all still live in beautiful sunny San Diego. Wish that I could move back, but the job is in Illinois, as is the ability to afford a reasonable standard of living. Scientists don't make big bucks and San Diego isn't cheap!

betty said...

We live in the Bay Area, and it's definitely not cheap! We considered moving to San Diego too because DH has family in the area, but we were surprised at how much the cost of real estate had gone up there in the last 5 years! So, we scratched it off our list.

Nicola said...

My Dad's family all live in the Los Altos/Cupertino area. We were last up there in November 2003 for Thanksgiving. I spent my first four years in Cupertino. I do like it up there, but San Diego wins out for me. Its just home.