Monday, December 06, 2004

I love my Roger Posted by Hello


betty said...

Kellan is such a cutie-pie! I love the name Kellan too. When we were trying to come up with names for our 2nd baby, Kellen (with an 'e') was actually one of the names on my list.

Nicola said...

Thanks Betty! I think he's pretty darn cute too. As a practised mother, any ideas on teething? I'd love some help or advice. We're struggling!

Kellan's name was originally Celyn. My husband is Welsh and we decided to go with a Welsh name. However, in the hospital he was constantly called "Celine" and "Sellin" to the point that we changed it to a phonetic spelling.

betty said...

It's definitely hard when our kids are fussy and are not sleeping well and can't talk to tell you what is the matter with them! Since my kids have never been great sleepers, the funny thing is that I've never been able to pinpoint whether it was teething or not that contributed to all of those sleepless nights when they were babies.

During the day, I remember offering them those frozen teething rings, but they never liked them. I can't exactly blame them either. Why would someone want to put plastic in their mouth?

I also tried giving them hard bagels to chew on. I heard that that helped to relieve the pressure in their gums. But, they never liked that idea either.

I know some parents swear by a product called "Hylands Homeopathic Teething Tablets", but I've never tried it before so don't know if it actually works or not. You can find it in most pharmacy-type stores in the baby supply section.

I read your name story with interest. We've had similar trials and tribulations with our son's given birth name. We wanted to pick out a unique name...something that was unusual, but not too crazy or weird...but no one could seem to pronounce it! I was just so puzzled by all of this because it is very similar in spelling to a few common names already in use which no one seemed to have any problems with!

So, we started calling him Ben which is short for Benjamin, his real middle name.

But that wasn't enough. DH didn't want his real name on any legal papers because it would make life too complicated that way. So, after a lengthy discussion and a lot of heartache (and many tears on my part), DH insisted that we legally change his name by reversing his first and middle names. So,we recently submitted the paperwork in for the change.

Did you have Kellan's name legally changed too?

Nicola said...

In Britain you don't have to register the baby for 6 weeks, so although we had a few different spellings, we didn't file the actual paperwork until Kellan was about 10 days old and we knew that we wanted "Kellan". Glad that we had the option, as if he'd been born in the US it looks like it would have legally been spelled Celyn and then we may have been in your situation down the line.

Thanks for the teething/lack of sleep support. We can't figure it out either, but teeth is the likely answer, as there are a few new ones pushing through at the moment. He's still only got 2 at nearly 10 months old. We had a couple more bad nights over the weekend, then a perfect night last night. Doesn't seem to be any pattern. Every night is an adventure!