Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A Farewell to the Pump?

Its been three days. Three days at work since I've needed to pump. I wonder if we've seen the end of the "pump room". And to think that I just made some home improvements in there last week! Kellan has been nursing really well just before I leave for work each day. I was still pumping once late in the afternoon, but realised last weekend that he's not nursing that extra time when we're together, so there really should be no need to pump at a time that he wouldn't normally nurse. I've been a bit full of milk when I come home to nurse him in the evenings this week, but nothing unmanageable and I know that he's getting a good feed before bed each night. A little fullness at 6pm is worth an end to the daily pumping sessions and, worse, the nightly pump washing ritual. Are all of those bits and pieces really necessary?

I won't say that anything's definite, and I'm sure that there will be days that he doesn't nurse well before work and I'll have to make use of the pump. But, three days in, its been a nice change of pace not needing the pump. We had a good run, but I think that we're both ready to move on.


betty said...

Ah, I remember those pumping days! It was much easier with my 2nd child because by then my company had a real official lactation room that we could use! It made a big difference so that I didn't have to do it in the handicapped bathroom stall anymore. Boy, the stories I could tell you about the funny and irritating things that I had to endure while pumping in the bathroom!

Nicola said...
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Nicola said...

That would be awful. We have "the pump room" which is really the loss on ignition lab, but it is rarely used (last summer before I arrived was the last time anybody used it -- for a week), so we put a bean bag chair in there and the current nursing mom uses it to pump. Its very comfy (despite the noise of the ovens) and I usually read a baby or nursing related magazine while I pump. I've missed that this week, but its been so nice not dealing with the pump.