Wednesday, June 08, 2005

We made it!

master bedroom kellan1

This is a photo of Kellan sitting on the bed in our new master bedroom. We're all moved in now and enjoying life in a proper home again. The house is wonderful. We've set up and decorated all of the rooms. I even had some time to enjoy it last night as we ate our dinner out on the patio, then sat out after Kellan went to bed and watched the fireflies.

Kellan has been sleeping wonderfully since the move. He's waking once each night to nurse, but generally sleeping through. Even with the extremely hot weather we've been having (mid 90s every day and its only early June!). He's walking all over the place and adores his new bedroom. Kellan's overall happiness since the move has made it all worthwhile. He has a backyard, lots of space in the house, and of course his own room. Plus two happy parents. We are a happy family in our new home.


betty said...

It sounds like a nice win-win for everyone in the family! Are you still living out of boxes, or is everything unpacked now and in its proper place?

Last Friday was my last day at work, and I'm now trying to get some serious packing done now.

Nicola said...

Yes, I remembered that you were finishing work and getting ready to move at the same time as our move. Good luck! When is the actual move date?

No boxes in our house, we were very organised. Nic did most of the moving while Kellan and I unpacked. We had some friends to help with furniture. Everything is set up at the house as if we'd lived there for years. Only its too organised for that!

I still need to get some pictures for Kellan's room, as he didn't have his own room before so we had no decorations. The room is beautifully painted already and we've put some Disney decals on the window plus a big map of the physical world on his wall (hey, I'm an earth scientist!). After next week's payday, I'll head out to get some nice framed prints and everything will be complete.

betty said...

Our actual move date is the last day of June! We'll be flying out that day, but it'll take the movers about 1 or 2 days to transport all of our stuff to our new place. Since Vince is already there, the last time he came home, we packed a few days worth of clothes for him to bring back with him.

We like maps too! We want to put a map of the world on Devin's wall, but never got around to it.

Ben doesn't have his own room either, but he will be able to once we move to our new apartment.

Nicola said...

I wish you the very best of luck in your move. I know how stresfful it is, especially with little ones, but once you're all settled in, everything is worth the effort. Will you guys be able to buy up there at some point? I hope that the move north is good for all of you. Good luck!

betty said...

As soon as we get settled in, we'll be looking to buy a house right away! With luck, we'll find a house that we BOTH like within 6 months.