Monday, March 03, 2008

The Day that Spring Dropped in for a Visit

Spring stopped by this weekend. Just for a few moments, six weeks early, but it certainly was nice to feel the warmth on our faces, go out without gloves and hats, and open up the windows to freshen up a house that has been closed to the cold of winter for what seems like years. Thank you, Spring, and please do come back soon. We've missed you.

The cars were filthy with grit, dirt, salt, and all the trappings of winter roads. It was lovely to get them washed sparkley clean. Of course, today it is pouring and snow is expected later. They will no doubt be filthy again by tomorrow. Still, it was nice to pretend that we were finished with winter, even if only for the afternoon.

These are distance shots because that hose was a danger to my person (and to the camera!).

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Jenn said...

I wish spring would stop by permenantly! Today was nothing but rain here. Oh, and everyone is sick to boot! We only have a couple of weeks till spring, technically anyway!