Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

We've had a lovely Easter Day here in San Diego. The day started off with Kellan waking up, seeing that it was light outside, and leaping out of bed with a shout of, "Its time to hunt the eggs!!!". I had to hide them first, and get out of bed, and maybe have a bit of caffeine so that my eyes might fully open, but we got there...

After the egg hunt, we had a wonderful brunch with Kellan's Aunt Janet and Uncle Patrick (Nic's brother and wife), Auntie, Grandma and Grandpa, and Patty and Dan. I am stuffed on cream cheese crepes at the moment! Kellan would only eat the hashed browns, but also managed to pick up the entire cube of butter with his hand. We still have no idea what was going on there. And I'm pretty sure that nobody had butter after that point in the meal. The day is hot and sunny. We're going to relax outside and enjoy the rest of it. As soon as I post these photos!

To start, we have some egg hunt pictures. Still in pajamas. It couldn't wait.

These are out of order. I believe that Kellan was showing off his second basket here. We dyed a lot of eggs!

After the guests arrived, Kel decided to show off his cross bow handling skills. Don't ask. Or, if you must ask, please ask Grandpa.

Because I am always behind the camera, I thought that it would be nice to have a couple of photos with the two of us since we were scrubbed and dressed for the holiday. Kellan apparently was not on the same page and refused to grace us with a nice photo. In fact, the wild "smile" in the final pose is due to me angrily telling him that he would smile for a photo or he would be off to his room. Serves me right.

Speaking of "Mommy and Kel" photoshoots, here are a few that I found hiding out on my Mom's computer. Photos that she took on our last visit (November 2007) and failed to send my way. So, they're a few months old, but the happy smiles are a bit more genuine, especially on the part of one small boy.

Actually, I think that this one is from the trip before last (ie August 2007). I'm almost positive that this was taken on my birthday. My 31st. This is what we were wearing that day at Seaport Village, anyway, and I don't think that it was quite this warm in November. Why was mom hiding these???

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Dillman Family said...

Happy Easter!! It snowed here, ugh. You all look great in your short sleeves!