Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wild Animal Park

First off, let me say that I nearly trashed the lot of these. They aren't good. And they aren't worth posting. But, it was a fun day all around, one that I don't want to be forgotten, so I had to put something up here on our "digital scrapbook". This is my backup memory!

We went to the Wild Animal Park today and it was crowded. Spring break. Taking photos of a busy four year old boy isn't easy at the best of times. Add wall to wall people and, well, see below.

The best bits were the baby lions (so cute!), the adorable four week old giraffe, the butterflies, the carousel, the water play area (also known as the "adults get to enjoy a frozen lemonade and relax in the sunshine while you watch your kids wear themselves out area"), and the quiet drive home while Kellan napped. We're attempting Sea World tomorrow (and probably regretting it), but I don't expect to get any photos until we return for a second visit next week after all of the spring break holidays have ended. When we will finally have San Diego to ourselves again!

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