Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sea World -- Best. Place. Ever.

Today we headed for Sea World. WOW! That one word sums up our day. I'm not sure which of us enjoyed it more. All day long Kellan's eyes were huge, his face was full of wonder, and he would gasp with excitement at each new experience. Most of it wasn't captured on camera, as I was busy enjoying it as well, along with the fact that the watery setting (and the spring break crowds) didn't make for easy photos. Which is ok, because we'll be back again and again and again...

Some highlights of the day (this could get long!): The dolphin that stopped right at Kellan to look into his eyes and have a chat. He just stayed there clicking away. The look on Kellan's face was priceless. Feeding the sea lions, though after throwing a fish right into its mouth, Kellan decided that he would rather watch me do the rest because he didn't like the slimy food! The shows. Kellan loved the "Pets Rule" show (dogs and cats do tricks) and the Sesame Street 4D adventure. During the latter, he was squealing and screaming, sitting on the edge of his seat while he got to experience Elmo and all of the Sesame Street gang in 4D (Busch Entertainment Group bought the rights to Sesame Workshop and has put in some fantastic new shows, rides, and experiences at Sea World -- very classy and a real hit with the younger set). The shark encounter. I couldn't get over Kellan's continued gasps of, "OH!" with each shark that swam overhead. The penguins. Kel loved them. Even if he did keep calling them dolphins! Petting the bat rays, always one of my favourites, and Kel loved it too.

At the end of the day, very sunburned, full of frozen lemonades, and already excited about our next trip back, we stopped for Kellan to choose a souvenir (stuffed Shamu of course!) and drove home listening to him happily chatting away, telling "Shampoo" about all of the adventures that they were going to have together. Now, a few photos...

This is Kellan with the flamingos. He loves flamingos. Weird, but true. He even got to feed the flamingos today which was a huge treat.

Photo op at "Shampoo Stadium" before the show. It took him half a day to stop referring to Shamu as "Shampoo". It was so funny.

Turned the camera towards Kel to try and capture the moment. Didn't really work out. But, still, you can see that he's gasping in amazement at yet another whale trick.

Some of the trainers had very close personal relationships with the whales. They even dressed alike.

There were some pretty awesome whale antics on display.

Kel actually asked for a photo with the surfboard. That was a treat for me!

I really debated including this one. I'm pretty sure (judging by other photos from earlier this week) that I don't actually look this awful. Bad angle, sitting in a weird position, and sleeves rolled up because it was so darn hot. Look at my farmer tan!

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